I saw this on Petfinder. http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/OH522.html

Here is what they say about them:

Freedom Rescue has several Cavalier pups that we are starting to post on Pet finder. All these pups were rescued from a puppy mill. As we get individual pictures they will be added. All the pups are very social, NO MILL FEAR ISSUES. There are six females and three males. Ages nine weeks to 13 weeks. They are all beautiful. Two pups are in the Detroit area , Black and Tan female 13 weeks, Blenheim female 9 weeks. Two are in the Indy area, Blenheim male 9 weeks and a Black and White, no brown, female and the rest are in Cleveland. All but one puppy has at least one hernia, which can be repaired at time of spay or neuter. Adoption fee $550 plus $100 spay/neuter deposit, which is refunded upon proof of surgery. We are taking applications now.

(I am a little too far away but does anyone know anything about this organization?)