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Thread: Cavalier puppies at Freedom Rescue--OH

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    Karlin wrote:
    . . . . I also think rescue comes down to putting effort into helping individual dogs and that for most, it doesn't matter where they came from. Keep in mind that most rescue dogs handed in to breed rescue, found at pounds or shelters, etc, are simply mill/BYB cavaliers that someone ELSE paid for from a BYB or internet site or pet store and hence a mill (very few pet cavaliers came from reputable breeders -- they simply do not produce the volume of dogs and few who have spent $2000 on a dog are going to leave it at the pound). So what is the difference between helping the individual dog when it is one further step away from the mill/BYB, or buying it directly out of that situation if this is where someone wants to focus their rescue efforts? Especially when one KNOWS the dog in the mill situation will continue to suffer -- whereas the cavalier in rescue can almost always be easily placed, unless it is old or has a serious/costly health problem. Those that do rescue buying at auction are a tiny drop in the ocean of millers buying dogs at auction and hardly have much real effect on supporting mills. So while I would not choose to focus my small funds and time in that direction of rescue, I don't have problems with legit groups who rescue in this way. . . .
    I understand and respect this position, but also understand those who refuse to deal directly with the millers or auction houses. As has been said by Karlin and others, it is a difficult issue and one for which there is probably no "right" response although there are definitely some "wrong" ones.
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    We really tried to educate ourselves through this site and other sites on what we would go through to adopt a rescue dog. The same goes for her known health issues also. We also contacted others who had adopted rescues and listened to their advice. My sister-in-law who has taken several rescues advised up to contact the local CKCS club and ask them whether they knew of this rescue organization. I emailed the Club and immediately got a reply which was positive.

    It's hard not to let your emotions get in the way when getting a rescue but the same goes when purschasing from a breeder, research and educate yourself!!
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