Here's my new baby from the Kansas rescue home. Quite a week. We drove 8 hours each way to go get her which was exhausting for us and both doggies, but well worth it.

When we got her home the next day she started having diarrhea and by the day after that bloody diarrhea. I immediately took her to my vet who gave an IV and medication. We took her off the anti-inflamatory medication for her bad patella's which was probably aggrevating the intestinal problems. The vet said she had stress diarrhea. Poor little sweetie was just overwhelmed.

She's cleared up now and is adapting so well to her new family and Friday too. They get along so well which makes us all so happy. Friday had a sort of funny look on her face the first day but now she looks happy. I think she likes having a friend around. She was raised with another dog and likes the companionship. They're so cute when they run around the yard together.

I think we're going to change her name to Wednesday (or Winnie for short). Now we have a Friday and Wednesday...maybe someday we'll have a whole week! She was very timid and shy at first but she's already starting to come out of her shell. At first she seemed to look at Friday for what to do but now I see her becoming more confident and independent. She has a long way to go but she's on her way. She is the sweetest most loving little dog ever!! We've all just fallen in love with her.

The vet think her patella problem may not be as severe as first thought but we'll get her up to Denver in April for an evaluation for surgery.

Here's a pic of Wednesday and Friday after the trip. They are both tired little girls! The new baby is the little Tri color.

Friday is fast asleep and using Wednesday for her pillow.

Thanks for all the support here!! I'll post more pictures soon.