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Wow, the tagamet three times daily? Mind if I ask the dose and Spencer's size? (I know you told me the latter before, I just don't remember).

Frusemide works differently from tagamet so that might be a different option. Some find one works and the other doesn't. Many find frusemide is very effective.

Leo's level of scratching has gradually increased so I am looking at whether he needs increased gabapentin or at other options. He is on a fairly low dose -- 100mg twice a day.

PS I think often frusemide alone helps CM dogs that do not have SM... so maybe it is worth trying that rather than tagamet? I know I just read something on this in Clare Rusbridge's thesis so will see if I can find it.
Frusemide worked very well in Abbey's case (COSM), but then she started having accidents in her sleep so we took her off it. She's on Gabopentin now, and it seems to be working the same as Frusemide only without the accidents.