Kodee, as requested, here are some pictures of the critters that call my home "home".

Some of these were taken with my old camera, but now that I have my Canon EOS 350D with zoom lens, I promise at the next opportunity I will take some more kangaroo photos for you. They usually come around during dusk & dawn so light isn't so great for photographing them.

Anway... enjoy!

This is an echidna. They are very shy and it is a prviledge to see them, let alone have one living on your land.

This Goanna was about 6' long, but they grow bigger.

These little Frill Neck Lizards are the cutest things when they run. They get up on their hind legs, head & front legs in the air, and run like the wind. They are a sight when the puff out their frill neck.

I have uploaded some more pickies for you to look at if you are intersted. I loaded them at


... and I promise to try to get you some better kangaroo photos.