I'm wondering if anyone can offer me advice on getting Zoey to start sleeping through the night. She was doing great when we first brought her home and has seemed to regressed a lot. Its driving both of us crazy!Shes 4 months and 1 week old. Right now she is currently sleeping in her crate beside our bed.

Here is our usual routine;

5:30pm: Feed dinner (no treats or food of any kind given after this last meal)
No water after 8:00pm
11:30pm: One last trip outside, up to our room in her crate.
3:30am: Whining, howling, barking etc. resulting in someone getting up and taking her to the bathroom
5:30am: Same as above
6:30am: Same as above

We both can't continue having her do this. Its starting to really have an impact on our daily lives being so sleep deprived.

Any suggestions on what we can do? Shes not completely crate trained and I think I'm going to go back to basics with that, but any other help anyone can offer would be very appreciated!