Well it's been over a week now and having brought Sal to the vet he examined her and agreed that it would be best for her to be PTS. It was so hard to do from the moment I put her into the car for the short drive down to the vet's.
She managed to scramble up onto the back seat of the car and spend the journey looking out all around her, there wasn't a peep out of her and of course I was blubbering all the way down. No one in the house would come with me which I kinda expected and when I got to the clinic, our very kind vet just kinda leaned against the counter and nodded sadly at me, he's been her vet for many years also and was very familiar with her various ailments. At this point I was sobbing openly, I couldn't speak to him or to the nurse on duty and poor Sal, she didn't have a clue, the nurse was patting her and she just sat there enjoying it.

I had to leave, I didn't want to stay at all, although he asked me if I wanted to or did I want to wait outside, but I just wanted to walk away and I did.

I cried all the way home, I almost turned back again, but I knew I'd be back there again in another week or so with her.

I thought I had prepared my daughter whose 10 for the prospect of Sally not returning from the vet's but obviously I hadn't done a good job of it for as soon as the car arrived in the driveway, she bounced out the front door and immediately opened the back door of the car, (to let Sal out), it immediately dawned on her what had happened and needless to say she was inconsolable. She cried and cried all that day and still is very tearful, as we all are.

The Rainbow Bridge poem goes a long way to lessening the loss whatever your religious beliefs are and we printed it out with a pic of Sal under it.

We will think of her fondly and in her younger days when she was so full of life and play. Run free Sal.XX