These are separate dogs to be homed sperataely (though could go together!), both are good with other dogs, one is good with older kids (age 5 up) the other fine with babies/young kids. Both will need an indoor home where either someone is home during the day or there are dog companions, or a mix. Ideally, even with dog companions, they will not be in homes where two people are gone for an 8-9 hour stretch but times would be staggered.

Neither can can go to a home where someone is at work all day and the dog will be alone -- not even if someone comes home once during that time. They both need a greater level of companionship, having spent many long hours alone as is. No exceptions.

Both very handsome outgoing tris. The six year old would make a very active family dog. The five year old (approx age) is a quieter dog and probably would not want lots of activity and play but to relax in the background.

Pm me for further information if interested.