Well we picked him up last night and all I can say is that IM IN LOVE!!!!
He is so wonderful. He just loves everybody and just wants to snuggle all the time!

He has had ZERO accidents and goes pee everytime we take him outside!
Last night we put him in his crate and he cried for one minute until I draped my hand over his crate, and then went to sleep

This morning I awoke in a panic because it was 9:30am and I hadnt heard a peep out of him (his breeder said he normally gets up at 6:30am)
so I looked in his crate and he was just lying there wide awake!!

We just got back from the vets and he got a clean bill of health! I couldnt be happier. Right now I just put him in his crate for the first time during the day to have a rest, and he went to sleep right away.