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    Question What to feed...

    Hi everyone,
    In preparation for the arrival of out new family member, I’ve been pondering about what to feed. We will obviously start feeing the puppy with what the breeders have been feeding him, but once we start integrating other foods into his diet what is everyone’s opinion of the best what to go...
    Pet food? Raw diet? Combination?
    I’ve read and listened to some programs that claim all pet food is baaaaaaaad for dogs, that biscuits are bad, wet food is good (which goes against what I’m learning – I’m studying vet nursing) … I asked the vets at work and they seem to think a combination diet is the best. Raw meaty bones, good quality puppy food and rice and vegies?
    What do you all think?
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    Hi Soma

    I bet your are excited about getting your new puppy soon. You are right to keep your puppy on the same food that the breeder has been using initially.

    Everyone is going to have a different opinion on the best way to feed, and in the end you are the one who decides what you feel comfortable with & what is convenient. It is all well & good to say "go with home prepared", but if you have a busy lifestyle then that may not be practical. On the other hand, if you feel very concerned about feeding dry foods then that would not be the right way to go for you.

    I think you have started on the right foot by asking around. Do your research, read up on the internet, buy some books. You do have to take what you read though with a grain of salt, because the pet food industry have their own agendas, people who sell books on home-prepared often have their own agendas with their "special supplements" they want to you add to the foods, and then there are those who think that because it works for them & their dogs that this is the only way other people should be going.

    Personally I think if you go with a high premium dog food you probably can't go wrong; or if you go with a good quality kibble & add other foods that is probably going to be a good option too. Having said that, I have recently changed my dogs to home prepared foods. That just suits my lifestyle & the way I think about food. It may however not be the right way to go for others.

    Good luck in your quest. You will find that every time you open a door of knowledge, there will be numerous other doors to open.
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    I hear that dogs don't need veggies and not only that, they can't digest them.

    Good luck with your puppy

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    Nutritionists say dogs actually benefit from both fruit and veg -- it is true that they cannot break down the cellulose but cooking/grating makes some/much of the food value available to them and also, the roughage is of benefit. Dogs are omnivores, not pure carnivores, and can digest cooked veg or finally grated fruit/veg, and the fiber from fruit/veg helps their digestive system stay healthy (especially if they are primarily fed a processed diet of dry food or tinned or raw without meaty bones. Most dogs really enjoy a range of fruit and veg or grow to enjoy it once they get used to eating some alternatives to kibble, etc.

    Many breeders feel puppies do not need to be fed puppy diets and that they accelerate puppy growth; I followed this advice and have never fed puppy food, just adult food.

    There are many ways to give a dog a good diet -- what is important is that, if you choose to move away from cmmercial diets, that you read thoroughly on nutrition and diets whether raw or cooked.
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    I am pretty sure your breeder is also our breeder and when we got Toby in November 06 they fed the puppies a mixed diet anyway between eagle pack kibble, chicken mince, yogurt, cheese etc.
    They also give you a print out list of variety. Which is rather useful.

    I personally like to use a good quality kibble as a base (eagle pack holistic range being my favourite over here) and a couple of times a week mix it up with human fish or meat (not yukky pet stuff). I always give fruit and veg as snacks and these are loved by my boys.

    I can't wait to see your pics. If and when you find out let me know who the mum and dad are. Might have to pm it though ?

    oh i'm so excited for you.
    Luvzcavs xx
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