Please note I am not (and have not been for many months) accepting additional breeder members for the board, as it is primarily a pet owner focused board (see the post at the bottom of this thread for further information). Breeders generally will find that the Cavalier L-list group is probably more appropriate.

For ethical reasons, I do not allow announcements of new litters to be posted to the board, or discussions of individual, personal breeding situations. This is also stated in the Getting Started section on what is appropriate to post.

Exceptions in the past for discussing puppies (though not *advertsing them*) were for reputable breeders on this board whom I know through their participation here and on other boards and lists, and who I know are actively concerned about health and conformation and temperament -- who breed with knowledge and with health clearances (cardiologist clearances on hearts as a minimum, plus ideally, certs on hips, patellas and eyes, and MRI scanning for syringomyelia) and who remain an active part of the breeding and showing world -- so that their cavaliers are under constant scrutiny of their peers. They home their dogs carefully under restricted contracts. They don't breed pet quality dogs of unknown background and health history just to fill a pet market.

It is very hard for me to know whether most people take into account some or any of these things when they have bred their dogs. And discussions of breeding only encourages others to do likewise and gives the impression that such breedings are fine with me and with everyone here. They aren't fine; and anyone breeding in this way should take time to learn why.

The long and short of it is: after a lot of thought, I have decided I do not want discussions of new puppy litters on the board by anyone. And unfortunately there are now so many members that it has become almost impossible for me or the breeders that I know to be reputable, to know about new breeders joining the list. That puts me in the awkward position of refusing breeder memberships.

But I despair of every single cavalier born to and sold by breeders who do not follow the heart protocols, do not register their dogs or who register with the bogus registries, who do not stay actively involved in the breed. Every one of those puppies is a potential liability to the breed if bred from in turn and is at risk of an early painful death SOLELY due to the breeder's indifference to the health of their breed. It is depressing reading about those who have bought such puppies years ago, and end up losing their dogs now to heart failure at young ages, 5 or 6 or 7 -- problems that could be minimised and even eliminated by responsible breeding. If you are not breeding to help lower the risk of MVD and SM, then you are contributing to the problem. Full stop. If you can live with that, that's despicable, but your business (literally ); but you are not welcome to talk about it here.

I sincerely hope this board helps people see why breeding in this way is so wrong (and why buying from such people is so wrong) -- get a good mentor, get involved with the breed and with showing, learn more about this breed and its health issues, and consider returning to breeding when you are able to improve the breed rather than contribute to its decline. For that is what indiscriminate breeding has already done to cavaliers, and every new litter bred in the same way is another blow to the breed's overall health. The legacy of the bad genes and bad practices one breeder introduces carries on for generations of ill cavaliers.

There are other boards and sites that allow lots of discussions on breeding and litters, and also that are focused on breeder interests and concerns, and given that there are these other resources, I don't feel it is overly restrictive to keep such discussions and participation controlled here.

For the same reasons, I don't allow links to breeder websites when they are used as an advertisement for puppies (as stated in the board guidelines) and will delete them when I come across them.