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You are both beautiful, is that your patio I want it.

She certainly is a doll.
Yes, that's our patio. But, no, you cannot have it! It's a great spot because it is walled high on both sides with a smaller wall at the front. Maddy can run around and cannot get off the patio. It is 40ft wide by 40ft long so lots of room. The only part I really have to watch is the red flowers that are in the top of the short wall (like a flower box).
On a windy day the petals blow off onto the patio and she LOVES them. They give her the runs. So I am always picking them up before she can get to them.
I work in NH and hubby and Maddy will be coming up at the end of May for the summer. I rent a condo in NH with a 8 by 8 deck. No fenced yard. She will really really miss the patio, as will I. We will be taking her on long walks at least twice a day to make up for it. In Florida she gets long walks once a day.