We crate trained Ruby from day 1, and she has done great. We also put baby gates up so she wouldn't have the run of the whole house. We definitely had our accidents, but it honestly was usually our fault. We didn't pay attention to her signals that she needed to go sometimes, and she'd do her business wherever she happened to be standing at the time. We had one weird incident where she peed on the bed in between my hubby and I at 1:00 am , but it was storming pretty bad that night, and I really think that the thunder scared her. She hasn't had an accident in I don't know how long, and I really think it's because of the crate training and the fact that we're both pretty diligent about taking her out first thing and last thing at night, after napping, meals, and any big playtime. She now goes and sits in front of the door and either whines or barks and she actually holds it if I can't jump up right then. I agree with Karlin about the housetraining book, also. I got it at Barnes and Noble, and have read it about 3 times. The schedules in there are very doable, and I really think you'd benefit from it. Good luck with training!!!