Gracie's spay is set for tomorrow. Hubby is taking her in the morning; I'm picking her tomorrow afternoon. It's probably best that way, because I might get a bit emotional if I dropped her off. I know she'll be fine, though.

I talked to the vet tech about the surgery in some detail yesterday. He was very helpful and made me feel much better! I'm glad that she'll get to come home with us tomorrow night, though! We can help each other out since it'll just be me tomorrow night as hubby is out of town on business...

So, I think we're all set. She's had dinner tonight and I'm about to pull up the water until tomorrow night. No breakfast in the morning. I have a few onesies ready to go.

Question on that...should I have the vet put the onesie on her after the surgery? I'm a little concerned about putting it on her after the surgery when she gets home?

Please keep her in your thoughts tomorrow...and I'll post an update (or two ) tomorrow night! Thanks for all of the help and support...I've read so many of the spay threads and they've been SO helpful!