Thanks NatalieandMike, Linda and Caraline for checking up on us!

Gracie is doing as well as could be expected...and, honestly, better than I expected given her reaction to puppy shots (bit of a drama queen here ). She is just hanging out in her crate. She whines some and makes this low groaning noises, but not constantly. Mostly she just sleeps.

They also cut her nails very short for us (we're still struggling with this) and microchipped her. I feel much, much better now that she's chipped!

I want to hold her, but know that she's wants to be in her crate and is better off there right now. I'm just hanging out on the couch next to her and petting her when she seems to be in pain.

The vet said a little water tonight and half her food tomorrow. No daycare until after the stitches are removed. I expected the latter and probably wouldn't have felt comfortable with that anyway, but at least now we know for sure.

Thanks for all your well wishes for her! I'll post pics of her in her onesies later...when she's venturing out of the crate a bit more.