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Thread: What dog biscuits are healthy?

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    Default What dog biscuits are healthy?

    What do you all recommend as a healthy dog biscuit to give when you switch to one meal/day?
    My girls simply do not eat much and never eat kibble in the morning. I have put the kibble in a kong, mixed it with good human stuff, all of that stuff, but they just wint have it.
    I am thinking of offering a healthy biscuit just to give them some nutrition in the morning and then their kibble in the evening. I dont mind giving them fruits and veggies, but they seem to prefer a biscuit. I have some of the NB Sweet potato and fish biscuits, but I dont know if they are nutritious enough to have one every morning.

    Thay also get the NB turkey rool (cut up) as a treat. I guess I could give them a little of that as a morning snack.
    Any ideas?
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