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Thread: how do i edit the title?

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    Default how do i edit the title?

    How can I edit the title of the post?

    I'd like the to edit the title in the dog n bone pub from "Announcement about Linda" To something that says the thread is updated with pictures!

    I tried and tried to edit the thread but I am confused how to do it ..

    So can you either help me to know how to do it or can one of you guys just tack edited w/pics onto the title of that thread?

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    You can't alter thread titles any longer. Generally it is considered undesireable to edit thread titles as many people look for threads under their original titles and it can be confusing to change them. Also, people will know there are new posts to a thread anyway simply by checking their 'new post' button or will see from looking at the icon to the left of the thread, that there are new posts. Adding that the thread is updated in the title isn;t really needed. If there's enough new news, then it often makes sense to simply start a fresh thread so the original one doesn't get really long.
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