When you register on this site, you will be sent an email *immediately* or thereafter . You MUST open this email and click on the link within it to activate your account as part of the registration process. You don't need to return it right away, but your account will not go live until you do.

If you did not receive such an email, then it was probably mistaken as spam and filtered or blocked by your work or home spam software. If you are at home, check your spam or trash folder to see if it is in there. If you never received the email, it was blocked; PM me and I can activate your account manually.

Once *you* activate your account, you are still on moderation (unable to post directly) until *I* approve the account. I approve accounts as soon as I see them waiting in my admin tasks list which is usually at least once daily but at times can be a few days.

I apologise for these hurdles to full membership, but because of the volume of spam accounts, I needed to implement a range of screens. This helps keep this forum a place that is enjoyable for all. If you haven't had your validation email within a couple of hours do PM or email me!