So Brydie has been home for about five days (pictures forthcoming, I promise...) but there's just a few things I'd really appreciate some opinions on.

Firstly, is that she has some serious scratching going on. She'll sit for a full minute and just scratch her head/neck/back of her front leg/mouth (open and shut) or just make the scratching movement with her foot between her front legs. She definately doesn't have fleas or anything so I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on why she's doing it or if you think it needs to be looked at by the vet.

The second thing is that she seems to be obsessed with biting her feet in particular as well as her ears. Would this just be her puppy biting instinct or maybe related to her scratching?

Lastly, over the last day or so she's been sort of dry-retching. She starts making this hiccuping sound and then sits in a half-squat, half-sit postition and her whole stomach rolls. After a couple of seconds I think she brings something up into her mouth and then swallows it. I'm thinking this is something that probably needs to be checked out just to be on the safe side?
It's doesn't happen after eating or anything.

Other than those few things she's perfect. She's settling in really well.