Brodie drools when he encounters good doggie smells. In his case, I really don't believe it is fear or anxiety; just plain excitement. Anytime we are somewhere other pets have been (doggie parks, street walks, even my moms back yard), drool hanging from the corners of his mouth is common...And he LOVES these places...sniffing pee-mail seems to be the culprit. He is always very happy visiting these places with positive body language, tail wagging, prancing around! If we go in a petstore or visit the kennel club, no drool! He enjoys these places as well but no pee-mail here. He doesn't drool when we go to the vet, which he is definitely fearful of...locking all fours when we enter the exam room. I have never had room for concern with Brodie's drool. He is always thoroughly enjoying himself when it happens