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Hope your baby does as well!
How's Ruby doing?

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Well....My little Katydid had her surgery just yesterday morning...spay, hernia repair and microchip.
She stayed overnight and I picked her up this morning, honest to God---she is acting as tho' she NEVER had the surgery. The doctor commented about her trying to run around when he took her outside this morning.....
He does internal sutures...I have gotta peek at the incision when she is down....WHEN WILL THAT BE???...he offered sedatives...(I think for ME!!!)
He may be getting a phone call this evening !
Hi Nancy...Katydid sounds like Lily, who had her surgery last Friday. Aside from the day of surgery and when I brought her home that evening, you would never have known she had surgery. Glad little Katydid, did so well!