As most of you probably know, we have spent a pretty good deal of time out of town since the end of March and the dogs have gone to the kennel. I have taken them to the kennel which is closest to us (which is not the one with the new dr I had taken Wallis to).

Now we are leaving again on Saturday and will not be picking them up until 5/7. I finally had a long talk with the vet where we have been boarding them, because I really don't like the thoughts of stressing Wallis out by taking her to a strange (to her) kennel and she has stayed at this one for years.

He has read all the info sent from the other vet and talked very sensibly about it. He agreed (duh) with me keeping them there because of the stress factor.

Wallis has been having trouble getting up and down since her last visit. The MSM/Chondroitin has been helping that but I don't know what has happened now. Not sure if it is a physical problem or if it is the combination of furry feet and hardwood floors. I just look at her and cry when I see her having problems.

The vet asked me if she has been coughing any - which she has. He suggested a chest x-ray, citing the rapid growth of the anal gland tumors if they are malignant. I agreed to that and then realized that I have the last chest films that were done on her here at my house, so I can take them for comparison.

I just hate to leave them again, but I have no choice. Sasha lost so much weight last week that her spine is obvious when I touch her (you can't see it because she needs a haircut!). I mentioned that and they said that they will weigh her daily to make sure she isn't getting into trouble.

Okay, time for the cheese now. I've whined enough.