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Thread: Drooling...what's going on?

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    I wonder too if it related to some of the smells around. I hadn't quite made the connection earlier, but now that I come to think of it, my Sam drools profusely sometimes when I let him out the back. He loves to sniff around & feast of wildlife poo and this is the time of his worst drooling. I am sure this isn''t related to anxiety as it is his own backyard. So maybe it just smells yummy. Who know what gross delight may be found to eat at the park.
    ~ Sam, Sonny & Beau ~

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    Well, it's official...this must be what Gracie does when she's VERY excited! Took her to daycare today and they said she does this all the time. And we know that she LOVES daycare! She gets very excited within a couple blocks of the building and runs as fast and as long as the leash will let her into the building! So, I will officially stop worrying about this one now!...and definitely will start taking a towel with us to the dog park from now on! Not a huge fan of wiping the long drool trails off with my pants!
    Lindsay, Andy and Gracie (our 11 month old Blenheim bundle of joy!)


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