Hello everybody!!

We're just over 2 weeks now, and we have EYES!!

The world is so big!

And look, our noses are starting to turn black, too!
We're soooo big now!
Our names are above our pictures, so you can tell who is who (some of our new families have decided what they want to call us, so if you are noticing "name changes", that's why!).
Thanks for looking at us grow up!

Sunbathing in the backyard on our blankie:
[L-R: "Tiger" (m-Bl), "Pepper" (f-Tri), "Fudge" (f-Tri), "Bella" (f-Bl), "Oreo" (m-Tri) & "Bear" (m-Bl)]

Check ME out!! I can hold my whole "fat 'lil potato head" off the ground! I'm sooo buff!

[L-R: "Oreo" (m-Tri) & "Bella" (f-Bl)]

Sooooo tired....
["Tiger" (m-Bl) & "Pepper" (f-Tri)]

We can finally see you now!!

["Fudge" (f-Tri) & "Bear" (m-Bl)]

Time for a weigh-in! (I look so displeased)
["Oreo" (m)]

Ooooo... what is this strange new thing..... it's soft... and squishy.... I think I'm in loooooove!
["Tiger" (m-Bl)]

Enough already... I'm ready for bed......zzzzzzzz......
["Pepper" (f)]

As always, thanks for looking!