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Thread: Are Smaller Adults More Likely to Get SM?

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    Default Are Smaller Adults More Likely to Get SM?

    My Toby is now 14 months, and he is very very small, Only about 10-12 inches tall at the shoulder and only weighs about 12 lbs. I have been thinking that if the small head structure is the cause of SM, then are smaller dogs more likely to get it?
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    Note the Rusbridge newsletter just posted -- they are not getting any correlation on head shapes and SM so far but research is ongoing.

    So the answer right now is -- no one really knows. Large and small do become symptomatic. researchers say their samples would indicate that probably at least 50% of all cavaliers actually have SM -- it has been up to 70% in some samples -- so the chances seem strong that any cavalier may have syrinxes/SM; it is just that most seem to not have symptoms. An MRI is the only way to assess a dog's SM status, unfortunately, as they are expensive in most places.
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