Well we visited the puppies today for the first time... they are 5 weeks and 4 days old.... we are choosing between the tricolour male and the bleinhem male and it is the hardest decision I have ever made...
So far
1 to the bleinhem male (my dad)
1 to the tricolour male (my sister)
and 2 for indecision! (my mother and I!!!!!!!)
I think im leaning towards the tricolour only as Jake was a bleinhem and maybe its time to try something new...
But seriously they are both the cutest little creatures in the world either way i'm happy, i'm so in love I want both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The little man, so cute!

Double trouble!

Little darling


A whole pile of naughty

Mum (sorry its so blurred she just wanted a snuggle!)

The two darlings!

Ok enough photos... well tonight we need to get in touch and tell them who we want so wish us luck...