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Thread: I've got a cute idea for a thread, what d'you think?

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    Default I've got a cute idea for a thread, what d'you think?

    You could all PM me pictures of you (NOT DOGS) when you were little , 2yrs to 5 yrs maybe and pictures of you now. And I'll post them all in one big post then you can all guess who is who. It won't be a poll. I'm not sure how I'll work it or if it should be in The Dog And Bone. Suggestions welcome but feel free to post your pictures. At the very least it would be cute to do a gallery.

    p.s. I suppose the winner could be the one who pares up the most pictures. Um...and I could number them and you could put them together. I could do 1,2,3 for the child pics and A,B,C for the adult ones.


    If you don't have a scanner to get your old photo on your pc, take a photo of it with your digital camera.
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