I received my puppia last week but just now have time to post.
Mom liked the pink plaid puppia but dad thought it was too girly for his little tomboy so I got the black lattice puppia. Thanks Roxanne for the sample, it was tasty.

Lexie turned 7 months old last Wednesday. I took a few shots, this one is a little fuzzy but it was my favorite.

Some people from the DFW CKC club met at a local dog park on Sunday.
I forgot about taking pictures until right before we left.
There were approximately 10 cavaliers there, it was fun. This was the first time she had been around her own kind since we brought her home. She still likes to socialize more with people than other dogs, but she is coming around. I got this one shot when she pooped out, you can see a blenheim in the background.

Sorry for the long post.