I have Maddy on canidae lamb and rice. She has this very strange habit. She will take one little kibble out of her bowl and take it over to the dining room rug to eat it. It takes her forever to eat just a few kibbles. Not only that but she doesn't seem that interested in it. If I use it as a training treat she will eat it, but only a couple.
I have tried mixing it with a "gravy" the dog bakery gave me to try.
I have tried mixing it with scrambled eggs etc.
She just doesn't seem to like it mixed with stuff. She picks out the scrambled eggs and she didn't like it with the gravy at all!
I don't know what to do as she needs to gain a couple of pounds.
I have been giving her some cottage cheese, chicken etc. but that really just seems to compound the problem and make her even less interested in her canidae.
Perhaps she is bored with it? Should I try switching her? I have given her canned puppy food and she did eat that so she is hungry! But I prefer dry food.