We've been actively looking for a companion for Cinder for a while now. He just turned two last weekend and we felt the timing would be good to add a little brother or sister to the mix (Dexter, the kitty, is just not playful enough for him!).

Ultimately we would have liked to add another Cavalier (of course! who wouldn't?!), but good breeders in our area are very hard to come by and we just didn't think we could afford the up-front investment right now ($1500 - $2000 in our area). We also aren't really looking for a puppy necessarily and knew we would be happy to take in an adult boy or girl!

Sooooooooooo......we have recently been speaking to a lady who is looking to re-home her 7mth old Cocker Spaniel.

We will meet him for the first time on Friday! From what the owner has told me he sounds like a wonderful fit for our family and we're very excited to meet him and see how he gets on with Cinder & Dexter!

This boy could be coming home with us in less than 48hours!

We're trying not to get too excited until we're sure that he's a good match for us (owner wants to feel 100% confident and so do we!). I guess that means I shouldn't have already set him as my desktop background right?

Confession: His name is Charlie (and I've already started referring to him as "Charlie-Bear")

Hoping that the visit will go well and Cinder will have a new playmate soon!