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    Default Waffles at 10 weeks old

    Here are some new pictures of Waffles at 10 weeks old. I havent had time to post much recently cause she is a handful! But here are some pics of her. I havent really realized this but she has grown a lot!!! The last 2 pictures are my favorite, underneath my chair is apparently her new favorite hangout, and I lvoe the picture of her sleeping on her back. She does that a whole lot now. Her way of greeting people coming to our house is to run to thewir feet and lay on her back for a blly rub, and of course everyone obliges. She is definently getting along better with our other dog, Sugar. THey usually always fight over a single toy even though they are surrounded by 20 different chew things, but in one of the pictures they actually settled down to chew on different toys.

    Apparently Waffles new favorite activity now though is to chew on leaves and sticks and rolla round in the dirt int he bvackyard. Of course everytime I see her chewing on a leaf or something and I try to get the leaf from her she runs away cause she knows shes not suppose to, but thats something we will be working on. But enjoy the pictures!

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