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Thread: When to cut back Puppy's food intake?

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    Default When to cut back Puppy's food intake?

    Jolly will be 11 months old on the 15th of this month. He doesn't seem to be growing anymore. I have been feeding him 1 cup of dry dog food a day, but now that his growing is done, I think I should cut him back to 3/4 cup of food per day.

    He has a defined waist. He weighs about 15 pounds.

    Are is growing days behind him? Am I right to cut back his food?

    I need your advice. Thanks!
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    If he looks good on that amount there's no need to cut back his food. If he starts to gain weight, then reduce. If/when neutered, they often need to have about 20% less food as well. Different foods may have more calories as well so if you change his diet you need to wtch to see whether he needs more or less.

    I actually upped what Jaspar and Leo get recently, as they both were looking a little lean, Jaspar in particular, and he burns off lots of energy as he's so active.
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