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Thread: Rescue/Foster in Northern CA?

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    Default Rescue/Foster in Northern CA?

    Does anyone know of a contact person/organization for rescue or fostering Cavs in Northern California? My mom puppysat Fiona all weekend while Kevin and I were out of town, and she thinks she might be ready to move on to her next canine love (our dog Sadie passed away last year). I mentioned fostering and she loved the idea! I just dont know how to get her in touch with anyone. Ideas?
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    Have your mom go on line to and complete a foster agreement. I don't know if there is a need out her way but it would be great place to start. Also, may need some fosters. Please ask her to be patient as the folks that run these groups are volunteers too and it does take a lot of time to sort things out. I've been fostering and doing transport for 8 months now and am loving it. I just found another perfect home for one of my foster kids last week. I picked up my new girl on Saturday. She is going to be my greatest challenge. At nearly 5 years of age she has known nothing but cruelty and abuse. She can't even look at you. But we will find a way. Tell your mom that this is an incredibly fulfilling way to give back a little.

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    I know from personal experience that very few dogs come up in California rescue -- I know people who have been on the list as fosters and to do transport with the Bay Area club and have never even heard of any rescues even being available. Lucky Star tends to home to the immediate region where the dog already is and very few come into CA rescue -- one in a year I think when my mother was on their waiting list, and we were told there were about 100 people on the waiting list as well. I don't mean to be discouraging and your mother should definitely get in contact with the rescues, but I do know the need for fosters or even the availability of rescue cavaliers in Northern Calif, is very low. So she should just be aware that this is the current situation, and may not be the best way to get a cavalier if she is really interested in one. The regions of the US with a puppy mill industry tend to get far more dogs. Some of those rescues will home to people who live a distance away though so those are worth contacting, but this would be for homing of course, not foster.

    Every now and then one might come up for homing through smaller rescues that aren't breed-focused, in which case Petfinder is a good way to track them.

    BTW you should also contact the Sac region breed club. . They will also do breed rescue.
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