These are surrenders and one, looks like the CKCS cross, is very pregnant. Note such dogs usually are not given more than 24-48 hours before they are pts. It would be nice if they could be kept together. Help would be given regarding the puppies from the rescue involved, I am sure.

NB I am not the rescue involved with these dogs and cannot give backup on these two. All offers of help should go directly to the rescuers whose contact details are noted on the post.

Cooments from rescuers:

General comments:
Another pair that tug the heartstrings, Geoff, 3yrs, is a lovely guy though a little nervous to start with he soon warms to affection. He feels he has to protect Suzy (4yrs) , she's a sweet timid girl that wouldn't hurt a fly and she is very heavily pregnant. The pair are very gentle and deserve more than the c*#p their owner left them to. The horrid little git should be shot or hung out from the highest tree top, im not picky.