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Thread: NJ/NY/Pa Cavalier Get Together Date and Place!

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    Default NJ/NY/Pa Cavalier Get Together Date and Place!

    Hi Everyone!

    Great news! Based on the results of our poll, our first meet-up will be Sunday, June 10th, at 1 pm at the Samuel Nelkin County Park in Wallington, NJ.

    Driving directions to the park can be found by clicking on Driving Direction on the blue bar and then Samuel Nelkin Park. If you want to check Mapquest, use this address for the park:
    299 Paterson Ave
    Wallington, NJ 07057

    This park is great ... there's a separate small dog run which is a good size. It's a pretty well kept secret at the moment ... even on weekends it seldom has more than 4 other dogs in it so our Cavaliers will really be able to enjoy the company of their Cavalier buddies!

    Note this park also has picnic tables right across from the dog run, so those that are interested can bring a picnic lunch to enjoy together after the play date (dogs will probably be snoozing at our feet by then!) We'll supply sodas/water and ice for the 2 and 4 legged attendees! And we have a few fun activities planned too. There's also a nice playground area for your human kids, but it's a short walk from the dog run, so you'd want to bring another adult if you have both kids and a dog.

    Future dates and locations for meetings are yet to be determined. We are hoping for your input! For more info, please visit our message board at:

    Please feel free to email Lani or me if you have any questions about the location of the meet-up. We'll post a new poll in a couple days on NJ Cavaliers so everyone can RSVP! This is going to be such fun! We can't wait to meet you all.

    Lani & Molly
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    June 10th is Murphy's birthday and just a few days before Lucky's birthday ... so we might have to have a little party too ....

    This dog park is GREAT. Molly and I went there a couple of weeks ago to check it out and the dogs had a really fun time. For anyone who missed those posts, here they are:

    Now that we have a firm date, time and location, I thought I'd post a few more photos of the park ... a picnic after sounds like lots of fun Molly!

    Here's the picnic area - right across from the dog run:

    Kid's play area: (note young children are not allowed in the dog run)

    Lake (a bit of a walk from the dog area):

    Dog Park Rules ... so we know they'll let us back in for our next playdate!

    I hope we'll get to meet lots of you on Sunday June 10th!!!
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    Molly and Lani that looks like a wonderful park. I don't know of any dog parks in my vicinity. I hope you all have a wonderful time. How can you miss with a beautiful location, lots of cavaliers, and cavalier owners ... let's face it, cavalier people are the coolest. I look forward to hearing all about the meet-up.
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    Wow....What a nice park. I wish we had one here. Sounds like a great event. Wish I could come!
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    Great photos Lani, thanks for showing us a proper dog park.

    Up here, they just set aside a portion of a regular park and expect folks to be "reasonable", so there' s a lot of friction between the dog owners and the families with children/seniors who get chased by packs of unleashed dogs.

    I wish you were within driving distance, it looks lovely.


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