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Thread: baby canine teeth in tight

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    Default baby canine teeth in tight

    We went in for Teddy's rabies shot last week and found out that his baby canine are still in very tight and he new ones are already half in. This is fine on one side, but causing a bit of crowding on the other (the adult canine is touching the bottom front tooth).

    I want to wait to neuter Teddy until at least 8 months or older, but I am concerned about his tooth coming in wrong without the baby canine being pulled. They will pull them when he gets neutered and has to be put under to do so. He turns 6 months old next week.

    I don't want to have him go under twice (once for the teeth extraction and once for the neutering). Does any one know of anything that can help those baby canines loosen up? He chews on nylabones and a lot of hard rubber (kong like) toys. He totally chew up fabric ones, so we don't get those anymore.

    Thanks so much for your help!
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    That type of chewing is really the only thing that helps. I'd listen to a vet though if if the vet thinks they need to come out and lots of the teeth are really tight and the others are coming in -- this can cause some major dental problems and a lot of pain. Cathy T attended a vet dental seminar through her local CKCS club that she says was a real eye opener -- maybe she will see this and add to the thread. I think there's little difference between neutering now and in two months, myself. Six months is more the norm for most vets anyway. My own recommends 6-8 months for males. If the teeth really need doing I'd do it and neuter at the same time. You may well find within a week or two, if he starts getting that testosterone, you don't want to wait til 8 months anyway. Some find this difficult to handle.

    In general if it were just one or two teeth I'd give lots of chews and hope they'd come out on their own. If at this age lots of teeth are not coming out and it is of concern to the vet, I'd neuter and get the teeth out.
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