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Thread: Siâne 9th birthday

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    What a beautiful girl!!!!
    Happy Birthday from me and my boys
    Mom to Colin (may 9, 04) and Teddy (Dec 2, 06)

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    She has such a lovely expression-ful face and what a great story. I didn't realise she had been nearly condemned! I agree so strongly that many of these illnesses are manageable, some quite easily. I have rehomed a diabetic dog, also very stable, to a very loving family who adore him -- often it is simply a matter of gradually adjusting insulin dosage to 'get it right'.

    I have learned from doing rescue work and being around rescue folks that there's good, often excellent quality of life with many things that are considered a reason to pts by others -- blindness, deafness, diabetes, loss of a limb, feline HIV, feline leukemia, syringomyelia, heart issues, curly coat, cushings... yes with many of these afflictions, the dog's or cat's time may come earlier rather than later, and our role is to be as wise as we can in recognising that time, but also with many, the dog may lead a longer and fuller life than many other dogs or cats! And there are great rewards in sharing a life with these animals too. I've found it very humbling to live with a dog (likely, two) with SM, a deaf dog, a cat with feline HIV and a three legged cat. I wouldn't waver at all now in taking on the special needs furries -- they bring special rewards even when theirlife IS brief.

    I am so glad you and Siane found each other -- what a lovely match that has been on both sides! And 9 is a venerable age for a cavalier.
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    Default Birthday

    Happy Birthday! She's Beautiful!!!!
    I am the proud owner of 5 Cavaliers, Cooper, Princess Puddles, Lucky, Willow, and Grace.


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