Oh what an afternoon! One child off school sick and a dog who absolutley, totally and utterly refuses to "pose" for the camera!

Bella is from Rosie's last litter, Rosie (Rambling Rose) has had in total 5 daughters all of whom have had a name ending in "Rose", should mention my kennel name really, it is Ttenneb which is my surname reversed, I shall let you all work that one out!! So we have had a "Liberty Rose" now in a wonderful pet home, a "Megan Rose" living with her litter brother and also older half brother from Liberty Rose's litter, "Natasha Rose" (Tasha), "Isabella Rose" (Bella) and not forgetting "Crystal Rose" (Crystal) OK?

Bella is in looks spookily similar to her Mum and Sisters as you will see, this is in a way a good visual way of defining "type", which is SO difficult to explain in actual words, but basically my "type" is small, cobby, very pretty girls, with slightly larger heavier males!

This series of pics tells a little story, you will even get to meet the third sister, Crystal! I hope you think as highly of Bella as you have of Tasha!!

OK here we go!!

"There is no way I am going to pose for you today Mam!"

"Oh come on Bella! These people need to meet you darling"

"Listen Mam! I have had a word BUT she is being temperamental here!"

"Absolutely No way am I going to pose for any-one!"

So I had a word with Crystal and all she would say was "Leave me out of this, I am pregnant!"

Eventually, Bella started to Co-operate!

Eventually!! She managed to keep still long enough for me to get this pic to her utter horror!! LOL!!

So there you have it, my very much loved Isabella Rose, her Momma Rosie and her VERY pregnant sister Crystal!! I hope you like them!!