Monday 11th June

OK it's the day before now! Spoke to the Midland Club secretary this afternoon who informed me they have 75 dogs being MRI'd in total! : That is incredible! They must be feeling very pleased right now
Chestergates call me to confirm how many dogs I am taking and what time slot I have been alloted, mid-afternoon, so will be very testy in the morning, my family have been warned!! Have got the girls papers ready to take with me, checked the route out on the satnav and written it down too as the satnav can suddenly decide to not work if the weather is too warm, something to do with having heat deflective windows in the car and they block the signal??
Visit my parents and tell them no titbits in the morning for Tasha, Dad thinks this is a bit mean as "She's only being sedated" but instructions are given and I hope he sticks to them!! I make final arrangements for Mum to bring Tasha over and help look after my kids whilst I am gone, so that parts sorted now!

Have a chat with Nikki on the phone, helps to take my mind of things, Thanks Nikki!!

So I now have a pile of DVD's by the bedroom TV (in case I can't sleep!) one very clean dog in the kitchen, a full tank of diesel and the directions, guess it's T minus 1 and counting now!!

Owing to the time of my MRI's and the fact that I have a long drive there and back I won't be online until late evening, I am supposed to be at a committee meeeting (Youngest daughters Pre-School) tomorrow eveing, guess it all depends on traffic! But will most likely post on here before I go out again, so watch this space OK??

Wish us luck!!