Thursday 14th June 2007

Thank You all again for your lovely comments and words of encouragement!!

I took the girls scans to show to my own vet this morning, he was fascinated by them! I must say now that this is the senior partner in the practice and has many years experience so I was eager to show him the scans. My parents came along too and it was decided on that Yes we should make the decision to spay Tasha.
Roger also agreed that I need to send the scans off to be graded, he copied the results down and I shall get back to him once we have the grades back.
I also gave Roger a direct link to Karlins SM site which he had a quick look at with me so he could bookmark it, Karlin, Roger says you are to be congratulated for the site and he will most certainly be going back later when he isn't in surgery so he can "gen" up!!

I am going to try and scan the scan sheet and see if we can get some pics from it so that you can see the results for yourselves, I most likely use my fathers scanner as it is quite high end unlike my own 3 in 1, will get working on that!

So my next step now is to find out where to send the scans for them to be graded, obvious choice is Clare Rusbridge so shall be contacting Stonelion later on about that.

Well that's about all for now, Thanks for sticking with me through all this!! Will update as and when I have anything further to add (other than a birth announcement that is!!)