Hi all!!

Well the results are in, I will post about the day itself in the actual diary thread, but it has been a long day, a VERY long day and in all honesty I am left feeling somewhat more confused than when I started!!

I left home at 12:45pm and arrived at Chestergates at 2:30pm, pretty good time! I went to tell them I was there and was informed that they were running at LEAST an hour behind!! (I had been warned about this earlier in the day,Many Thanks that person! ) more on what followed in the diary pages! I was a bit annoyed as I had been contacted by Chestergates the afternoon before and asked if I could get there earlier than my 4pm appt! But you have to think of other peoples dogs being admitted as emergencies and be tolerant I feel!

So the girls were finally admitted for sedation at approx 5:30pm (Tasha) & 6pm (Bella) I got Bella back first at about 7pm follwed by a very drowsy Tasha at 7:35pm!! We then had to wait to be called for our results, I of course was last, and by mere chance the "big cheese" himself Mr.Skerritt wandered into the waiting room! I passed a few minutes asking about the overall results of the MRI's today and Mr.Skerritt asked who my dogs were, he went off and found the film for the 2 girls and said "Come on, let's speed this up a bit!" and suddenly he was taking me off to a consult room and showing me the MRI's of Bella and Tasha, and what a result it was!!

Both of my girls are free of Cereballar Herniation! Both are free of Middle ear disease!! Then Mr,Skerritt said things "Get interesting here!" Uh Oh!! Yes the back of their brain has not herniated HOWEVER, BOTH have syrinxes, to differing degree's! Tasha has according to Mr.Skerritt a "large" syrinx, he could not believe that she was asymptomatic!! I explained her bad injury early in life, (A syyrinx can be "Acquired" through injury) and he agreed that this could be a cause of Tasha's syrinx, Bella too has a syrinx but smaller, I had trouble seeing it in all honesty! I was basically told not to breed from either of these girls!

I feel I must point out here that Mr.Skerritt DOES NOT, as Karlin pointed out follow the grading system, I was also informed this morning that he has actually told people not to breed from dogs who on further examination of the MRI scans/film turned out to actually be Grade A passes!

I feel like I have taken one step forwards and two steps back!! Tasha for certain is no longer included in my breeding plans, I simply cannot do that to her! Bella on the other hand, I am still very much in 2 minds about! I feel in a way cheated, I got the MRI's done but was not given grades for my dogs! I think I will most certainly be showing those scans to my own vet first off, I will also most certainly be sending the pictures (on a giant X-Ray film sheet) to Clare Rusbridge (Or some-one else similarly qualified) for further evaluation, I am NOT fully convinced when it comes to Bella!

So now I have the burning question of "What about Crystal and her litter"??? Well, I think the best plan of action would be to have Crystal herself MRI'd after the pups are weaned and to (if possible) run on the entire litter and MRI them all once they are old enough, their father is from a completely unrelated line, who knows what I may have bought in with his genes??

So basically, Tasha is out of the breeding picture, Bella is still an unknown until I get her film evaluated/graded!

I have before me the documents Chestergates sent me home with, they summarise the findings for both girls and read as follows:-

"Tasha" Blenheim Bitch:-
"Cerebellar Herniation" sequences used T1 sag TE=26cms T2 Trans, Result ABSENT
"Dilated Venticles" Sequences used, as above, Result Present times 2
"Syringohydromyelia", Sequences used, as above, PRESENT
"Middle ear Disease". Sequences used, as above, ABSENT

"Bella" Blenheim Bitch:-
"Cereballar Herniation" Sequence used (as Tasha's) Result, ABSENT
"Dilated Ventricles" Sequence used (as Tasha's) Result ABSENT
"Syringohydromyelia", Sequence used (as Tasha's) Result, PRESENT
"Middle Ear Disease", Sequence Used (as Tasha's) Result, ABSENT

As Mr Skerritt said, quite an interesting result! Neither girls have the Cereballar Herniation, yet both it would appear have syrinxes and in Tasha's case he could not believe that she was asymptomatic!!

So I am a bit confuddled (confused) myself in all honesty, I look at those images when I get home (at 9:45pm!!) and find it all most bemusing, OK I needed to know but this is neither one thing or another!! Hmm I need a good nights sleep on this!! Will do a thread on Cavalier Talk and a diary entry then get off to bed I think!!

So there you have it folks!! I would like to point out that any opinions expressed are quite simply my own, make of them what you will but they are not cast in concrete, at the end of the day we all have a right to our own opinion and are free to make our own decisions!!

Last of all a huge Thank You to the people who sent me messages of Good Luck for today, they meant a great deal, I wish you all well!

Best Wishes, off to write in the diary now!!