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Thread: Photo advice Please??

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    Quote Originally Posted by anniespeeps View Post
    Unfortunately the "redeye fix" option in most software doesn't seem to work on dogs. The only way I've found to fix it is to use photoshop or similar software to manually remove the eye tint.

    Here's a tutorial on how to fix "pet eye" in photos.
    Thanks for this information.
    When I scanned in all my old puppy photos (from before I had a digital camera) I tried to fix the red eyes with the scanning software, which made the photos look worse. I'm going to re-scan them and try this out. Or Lisa, I may try Gimp. Thanks!
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    a photog on t.v. said try to get in close, now closer to your subject. also if you get down on the ground you can get some cute shots. I always admired the pics on here of pup's picture taken from above looking down on them when they sit. now that I finally have my pup I have this shot of my own pup so very cute!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarah J View Post
    To start with, The mega pixels on a camera are Sh*t-all. My mum and i do wedding photography and we know an exceptional amount about cameras. The mega pixel is basically a way of being competitive between people that own cameras. You know like "My camera has 6 mega pixels" "well mne has 7.1". You can take an exellent photo without having a large amount of mega pixels.
    As this person said, megapixels really do mean nothing. I get MUCH betetr photos from my old 4.0 megapixel camera compared to my new 10 megapixel!
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