It's been a while since I've posted; life is going by quickly! I can't believe that it's been 2 months since we welcome our ruby, Holly, into our family. We're all doing well. The girls all get along well, and Holly's behavior--well, she's still pretty much a tornado--I'm looking forward to her obedience and agility lessons that start at the end of Sept.

Cedar and Willow have gotten used to Holly's careless and thoughtless behavior. And to her credit, Holly seems to try to remember not to step on their heads, but she sometimes fails and forgets. :S At least Cedar and Willow aren't getting upset about it any more--Cedar has taken to sleeping on "her" glider rocker instead of the sofa and Willow either just moves or lets Holly settle and then uses her for a pillow. Whatever works, i guess.

Here are some recent photos -- some of them are the dog's first exposure to the new Lookout Buddy car seat, which will have its first long road trip this labor day weekend. We'll see how they do; I have my doubts about its success: Holly, of course, hogs the space.




And the carseat (Willow was not happy)

Holly traded her sister for a toy; both she and Willow preferred it this way: