Hi Everybody

So sorry, I have had one hectic hectic summer.
With my parents moving and Health Problems things have been very very busy for me. Dudley and Darby just wanted to pop in and say Hi to everybody.

Things seem to be settling down a tad now, thought some of you may like to see some updated pics of my wee boys.

Dudley looking a wee bit tired this morning.

Darby his usual spunky self, this boy is a hoot.

Darby has grown up so fast, it just seems like yesterday that I was anxiously awaiting his arrival.

My two luvs, and my hubby asking if I want a third.

Hmmmm very tempting, but I think after the year I have had it is best to wait a while.If things go well maybe next year.

Thanks for looking, will try to get myself back on track.
Missing everyone, I am sure there are tons of new members.