I haven't been posting much lately, but for those of you who don't frequent the CavConn forum, I wanted to post the good news that I adopted a second Cavalier on August 17! His name is Rupert and he's almost 1.5 years old and I adopted him through Cavalier Rescue USA. He is an absolute doll baby and we all love him to pieces. I've always wanted Chester to have a little brother and the two of them are like peas in a pod! Gabriel and I are soooo happy and can recommend getting a second dog to anyone. Getting Rupert as an adult was especially wonderful because he was already housebroken and fully trained. I am not ready to deal with all the work of a puppy right now, so Rupert was a little gift from above and has assimilated into the household with almost no effort.

Anyway...on to the good stuff. Here's some photos I took this past weekend. I decided to torture Rupert by dressing him up in Chester's King costume and he actually tolerated the crown much better than Chester ever did!

Rupert lubs his Daddy:

Standoff over the Nylabone...who will get it?!

Rupert will!

Plotting Mommy's demise for making him wear this silly getup...

Resigned to his fate...

My sweet, sweet boy

Alright...you've seen enough pics of me today, now leave me alone for cripes sake!

I had to sneak in a couple of my beloved Chester and his mighty ears!