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He can be aggressive, though he's much improved. He's a thief and it's a battle to keep him out of the food sack, when the pantry door is opened. He even empties shelves so he can reach the worktop. He has a piercing shriek of a bark. He shreds the mail/newspapers, if I don't get time to shout 'mine'. He gets so excited, sometimes that he nips and it hurts. he can read my mind; no sooner do I think to groom him, cut his nails, bath him, he goes into his crate and closes the door, then growls , if I try to get him out. He doesn't like the nextdoor neighbour (The others don't but they ignore him) and shrieks at the man, every time he sees him. He steals knickers and socks, either sucking them soggy or into holes-Now, he even steals a sock and then taunts me with it.................on and on
I'm sorry Barbara but I can't help but smile at your description of Teddy.I can just picture you racing to the hall door shouting "Mine!"
He sounds like SUCH a character, bless him