At the Syringomyelia Symposium 2007 in Rugby on the 26th, Pfizer and the Royal Veterinary College announced a new clinical trial to investigate a possible new therapeutic (medical) treatment for SM. The trial would offer a free MRI, neurological consult, CSF analysis and blood screen to participating cavaliers. The study lasts about a month during which time the dog would receive Carprofen (a painkiller) and either a placebo or the new treatment. This is a double blind test and neither participants nor the researchers will know which dogs are receiving what.

Dogs need to have been diagnosed with CM/SM by MRI within the previous 8 months at one of three scanning centres in the UK (eg at one of the low cost clinics; this can be arranged but is at the cost to the owner). They must have some clinical signs of scratching, pain, and sensitivity to touch. Dogs need to be between 1-10 years and weigh between 4-12kg. Dogs can be on other pain medications but would be transitioned over through a changeover programme prior to starting the trial.

Dogs intended for breeding within 6 months of the study or with concurrent medical conditions sych as PSOM or epilepsy cannot be used.

At the end of the study, a voucher towards vet care for treatment of the condition will also be provided.

You would need to be able to get to London 4 times within the month or so trial period.

If you are interested in participating, contact:

The Clinical Investigations Centre
Veterinary Clinical Sciences
Royal Veterinary College
Tel: (01707) 666605
More info: