Just an ideal but I was just wondering if it could be possible to have a word or better PDF doc we could download with business cards template with the details on the site that we could print, cut out and keep to hand out to people that we meet with other cavaliers.

I lost count of the amount of time I stop and talk to other Cavalier owners out on walks over the park and because I have to tell them SiânE blind (they wonder why she takes no notice of their dogs) and then I have to explain why she became blind they start telling me problem their dogs have or talk about health problems in the breed. Or just don’t have a clue at all!

I know some doggie health sites have posters you can download and printout for the vets but It would be handy to have some business style cards (much easier to carry) we could handout to people because I tell them of this site but I know they will have forgotten about it by the time they get home.

Just a thought but is it workable?