Holly and I finished our first agility class this week. Holly has come a very very long way. She has focus some of the time (which is better than never!) and she's learning to listen to me and alter her behavior when I tell her no (which is a word she didn't know at first!). Our goals for agility to help Holly learn focus and accept leadership are definitely being met. We are enrolled in the next class that starts next February.

We video recorded the last few nights of her class, so you can see some of her progress!! Of note, you can see her actually listening to me, stopping when she messes up, and completing the courses. HORRAY!

This first video is the second to last class when we reviewed control obstacles: those obstacles that require Holly to listen to me closely and to be obedient as well as athletic.

This video is a compilation of short films from Holly's last class. First, you can see us warming up with the weave poles, Holly's least favorite obstacle. Then, you can see her attempting the teeter totter for the first time. She has been exposed to a smaller teeter, but I think the point of the big teeter on the last class is to encourage enrollment in the advanced class. At last, you see Holly working her way through a course with tunnels, contact obstacles, and jumps. Holly likes the tunnels the best.