I run an Italian Greyhound rescue, and yesterday a very hard lesson was learned for both me as a rescue head, and for an owner that didn't head my warnings. Gratzi was a mill rescue I got out of Missouri, and despite his age (he was 11 years when I brought him into my program), he had plenty of life left in him. I found him what I had felt was a very good home to spend the rest of his life, and he was placed with a gentleman that I know honestly loved Gratzi. But despite many warnings to close the doggy door when he left because he knew Gratzi could climb the fence if he wanted out, tragidy finally struck yesterday, and while his dad was at work, Gratzi climbed the fence to go exploring, and explored his way right into the path of a car and was hit, the person that hit him rushed him into the closest vet, but sadly, it was to late for Gratzi and he passed very shortly after arriving at the clinic. This was the 2nd time I'd received a call saying that Gratzi had gotten loose, I feel awful that I didn't tell the owner right then and there that he'd either start locking the doggy door or I'd take Gratzi back. It's a hard lesson to be learned, I feel partially responsible for Gratzi's tragic death yesterday.

Run free sweet Gratzi, you are free from the suffering you went through in the puppy mill, you're free from pain, free from worry - I will never forget you big boy!!